7 Chic Kitchen Pantry Ideas for the Ultra Stylish

bdsm dating siteIf there’s one area of the house we take for granted, it’s the kitchen pantry, even though it’s vital for storage and sometimes even food prep and it gets a lot of foot traffic.

In fact, studies show we spend twice as much time in the kitchen than any other part of the home — 72 minutes a day.

Kitchen Pantry Ideas

So why not upgrade the pantry and add a little style? These seven style tips will not only ensure your kitchen will look better, it’ll also make the pantry more organized in the process.

1. Use Your Space.

A pantry is anywhere you store food, appliances, or kitchenware. Any dead space qualifies: crawlspaces, hallways, cabinet spaces, anywhere cool and dry.

Coming up with kitchen pantry ideas means rethinking what a pantry is. It’s not just a food closet! If it’s close to a countertop, it can be a pantry. Use that space to make a statement.

2. Light It Up.

When we think about pantry lighting at all, we tend to light them like closets. Save space and boost your style by using recessed lighting, preferably something that’ll make it feel warm and inviting.

If you have a large room, there’s no limit to how grandiose you can go. Just make sure your lighting is both powerful and long-lasting.

3. Shelf and Storage.

Depending on the size of your pantry, you can make the shelving as impressive as your kitchen countertops. Go floor-to-ceiling, install a secondary prep area or workstation, and find a stylish mobile ladder to get to it all.

Remember not to go deeper than 12″ on most shelving, though.

4. Organization as Style.

Disorderliness is never stylish. Use clear containers for loose dry foodstuffs and label each one. Use tension rods, wicker baskets, or pull-out storage units to save space. The visual impact is immediate.

Whatever you do, group various kinds of foods together and rotate everything so that the new stuff stays separate from the old.

5. What About the Doors?

No one thinks of the pantry doors when coming up with kitchen pantry ideas, but we should. They’re not only the biggest space savers, they’re the part your guests will see most often.

Doors that swing out are always best, but sliding doors are more stylish and functional at once. And nothing says you can’t use swinging doors to hide more shelves or racks.

6. Reclaim Your Pantry!

Speaking of doors, reclaimed and repurposed materials are one of the hottest eco-friendly kitchen trends right now, and your pantry door is a great place to experiment with them. Make a statement by using repurposed wood for both doors and shelving.

If you’re into glass cabinets, reclaimed glass works in a pinch for pantry and pantry cabinet doors as well.

7. Make It Useful.

Using every bit of pantry space will also make a statement when done right. One hot kitchen trend is a blackboard on the pantry door for grocery lists. Find dead space around your fridge for easy access vegetable bins. And pull-out racks can give you several pantries, all over your kitchen.

It’s easy to transform your pantry once you stop thinking of it as a closed-off area of your kitchen.

Invite it into your home as a separate room with its own sense of style and its own character, and watch how much easier your kitchen becomes to spend time in.

You’ll cut down on prep time and impress visitors to boot!

And, if you need help implementing any of these ideas, we’re only a call or email away!