5 Top Kitchen Trends You’ll Want in Your Home

kitchen trends

The old cliche holds that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

And really, it’s true. The kitchen is where the wine is poured, where the snacks are pilfered, and where memories are made.

Creating the ideal kitchen space is a mix of adding personal touches to classic design, and perhaps throwing in a few kitchen trends that show no sign of going anywhere.

Glass Cabinets

This kitchen trend has been around awhile and shows no signs of slowing down.

Glass front cabinets lend a kitchen space a beautiful old-world charm, while also lightening the whole look of a kitchen and making it look fresh and instantly updated.

A few years back, it became popular to take cabinet doors off completely, offering this same open look. This came with the downside of leaving dishes exposed to dirt and breakage.

Using glass front cabinets gives the same effect, while still keeping your dishes protected.

Gray Kitchen Trends

Gray is the new neutral.

The color matches almost everything, and can easily be coordinated to a warm or cool color scheme.

Gray makes a lovely backdrop for pops of color and manages to tie a kitchen color scheme together without feeling dated or overwhelming.

Colored Sinks

Farmhouse sinks are back, with all of their old-world, chunky charms.

But no boring, white sink will do for the perfect kitchen.

Homeowners are accustomed to sinks coming in three basic shades: standard white, shiny chrome, and black, if you’re feeling fancy.

Sinks are now beginning to come in all kinds of bright and appealing colors.

Consider opting for a bright green or muted yellow when you replace your current kitchen.

Appliance Automation

The future is here, even in our kitchens.

Smart appliances are less of a design choice than a practical one.

New faucets employ the same motion sensitive technology that public bathrooms have used for years, ensuring that water turns on when it is needed and switches off when it is not, making it an eco-friendly choice.

New refrigerators keep track of their contents, allowing you to make grocery lists on the go and be reminded to pick up items while you’re out.

Smart ovens take account of what recipes you will be cooking and automatically set cooking times and check for doneness.

Many of these appliances also sync with your smartphone, allowing you to set temperatures and monitor your pantry while you are away.

Faux Marble and Granite

Granite and marble are gorgeous and timeless, but expensive.

For homeowners looking for budget-friendly options, there are myriad choices, depending on your price point and general handiness.

Concrete and Laminate and even quartz are good options and can be installed either by a contractor or by you if you feel like being particularly DIY.

Another option is to use paint to simulate the veins and imperfections of true marble. It can be time-consuming, but if you have a steady hand, gives you unprecedented control over the look of your counters.

Theses kitchen trends don’t look to be going anywhere soon and can give your kitchen a fresh, timeless look.