How to Do Some Green Renovations in Your Home

There’s a reason green renovations are so trendy.

They are not only great for the environment, they can also save you money long term and get you some seriously valuable tax credits.

Not to mention, green renovations can be beneficial for your health as well. Many paints, types of flooring, and other materials contain toxic chemicals that can cause problems such as headaches, nausea, respiratory and skin irritations. The worst products even contain known carcinogens. Your home should protect you, not give you cancer!

green renovationsWhat Kind of Green Renovations Can You Do In Your Home?

Green renovations are the way to go whether you plan to stay in your home a long time or are looking to boost the resale value.

Why not choose energy efficient renovations that promise long-term financial savings?

Kitchen Upgrades

Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to increase the value of your home. It’s a place that gets a lot of foot traffic and is a major factor for buyers if you’re looking to sell.

Having an attractive, eco-friendly kitchen is a major selling point when putting your home on the market.

Eco-friendly Concrete Countertops: Concrete is easier to transport than stone making it friendlier on the environment.

Long Lasting Flooring such as ceramic tile: ceramic contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds that can make you sick and even cause cancer) and acts as a passive heat sink to reduce heating costs.

Bamboo: because bamboo is notoriously fast-growing, this product has a lower environmental impact than many other materials.

Lighting: use as much natural light as possible, if it’s in your budget consider installing a skylight or new window. Another and much cheaper option is to use fluorescent bulbs that cut energy costs nearly in half.

Bathroom Upgrades

You can go green with some bathroom upgrades too!

Remodeling your bathroom can go hand in hand with the upgrades in your kitchen. Several of the same aspects are in both rooms, such as lighting, flooring, and countertops. But in addition, consider:

Low-flow Toilet: did you know your toilet uses 27% of the water consumed in your home? Investing in a low-flow toilet is a great way to ensure you won’t waste.

Recycle: Okay, this one is not quite a renovation. But a huge amount of plastic bottles are used in the bathroom (cleaners, shampoo, etc), in addition to toilet paper rolls and cosmetic packaging. Consider adding a recycling bin to your bathroom to catch the often forgetting yet very recyclable products.

Solar Panels

Good news! The cost of solar panels has dropped in recent years, according to Time. Qualified installers are easier to come by with the increase in popularity of these money saving, eco-friendly powerhouses (pun intended).

The sun is our planet’s number one source of energy, so why not harness it to power your home?

Solar panels decrease your carbon footprint, increase your home’s value, and bonus: they are quieter than standard electricity because there are fewer moving parts.

In Conclusion

Utilize these green renovations in your home for a positive environmental impact and a great investment in your home.

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