When Is the Best Time for Your Home Improvement Projects?


What if you didn’t have to pay top-dollar for your next home improvement projects? That’s what most people do when they hire a contractor at the peak time of the year.

That’s what most people do when they hire a contractor at the peak time of the year.

Spring and summer are great for contractors, but not always great for you. This is their busy season, so they can charge more than you might be willing to pay.

Why not wait until winter for your next home improvement projects? Not only will this save you money on the project itself, but will increase the value of your home in the end (a minor kitchen remodel will earn back speed dating godalming)

The Best Time for Home Improvement Projects Is Winter

This may seem counterintuitive because most people think of spring and summer as “doing things” seasons, where fall and winter are “hunkering down” seasons.

Spring and summer is when contractors fill up their calendars and roll up their sleeves to get to work.

On the flip-side, contractors are less busy and have more time to devote to you during their off season: winter.

By waiting until winter, you can schedule your home remodeling project when you’re ready rather than squeezing into their schedule.

Another bonus is that you can get city plans approved faster because there’s less competition with other projects trying to get pushed through.

There’s also the benefit of having more choices of appliances and materials that others may have scooped up in the spring.

And the biggest benefit of all is: contractor prices tend to go way down during the winter because they need work to fill their off season.

They’ll gladly take your porch or kitchen remodel for a discounted rate.

What Seasons Are Best For Other Home Improvement Projects?

There’s no law that says you have to restrict certain home improvement projects to certain seasons, but some make more sense than others.

Roofing or painting the exterior of your house in the dead of winter doesn’t make much sense, but a kitchen or bathroom remodel does.

Here are some basic guidelines for which projects are best suited for which season:


  • Kitchen and bath remodel
  • Decks and porches


  • Window and siding replacement
  • Door replacement
  • Kitchen and bath remodel
  • HVAC (heating and air)
  • Roofing


  • Window and siding replacement
  • Door replacement
  • Roofing


  • Door replacement
  • Kitchen and bath remodel
  • HVAC (heating and air)
  • Roofing

If You’re Considering a Kitchen Remodel This Winter, Remember a Few Basic Tips

  • Opt for stainless steel appliances that will retain their value for years to come.
  • Invest in attractive, well-constructed cabinets.
  • Don’t over-personalize your kitchen. Not everyone has the same taste as you. This can be a big turn-off for future buyers. Keep it classy, clean, and neutral.
  • Don’t spend more than your home is worth. Typically, you can spend 6-10% of your total home value to expect a return.

As you can see, being patient and waiting until winter to do your home remodeling projects can be a win-win for everyone.

You save money, time, and energy by avoiding the mad rush of spring and summer.

Let everyone else scramble for contractors and materials.

Rest easy and enjoy your summer knowing you’re going to tackle that kitchen remodel the coming January.

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