5 Ideas for Your Kid’s Bathroom Renovation

kid's bathroomIf all your kid wants to do is sit in the bathtub, or if you’re in the potty-training phase, you might as well do what you can to liven up the space.

No matter your budget or your child’s interests, we’re showing you our top 5 kid’s bathroom remodeling ideas in this post.

1. Chalk It Up

If you can’t seem to decide on a theme for your kid’s bathroom, or if there’s just a little too much in-fighting going on between siblings, we’ve got a great solution for you (you’re welcome.)

Invest in some chalk paint and use it to paint one panel of the bathroom. Not only will your kids be able to draw and practice their writing, but you’ll be able to leave them some “friendly reminders,” too.

2. Get Creative With Storage

We know your bathroom never seems to have enough storage space – why should your kid’s bathroom be any different?

Installing a few shelves on the walls will make your bathroom look more complete (nobody, not even kids, like staring at a blank space.) It will also help encourage your kids to keep those towels off the floor. Install hooks on your door to hang bathrobes, shower caps, and anything else you can think of.

3. Section Off The Toilet

Whether you have multiple children or just one, it’s important (especially with younger children) to make it clear that the shower and the toilet are two different things.

If you don’t think this matters, either you’re not a parent or you’re lying about “what an angel” your kid is.

Installing a partition between the toilet and the bathtub/shower doesn’t just teach kids about the importance of privacy, it’s also a reminder about where (and where not) to go.

4. Keep It Separate

Here’s a tip that’s just as good for your sanity as it is for your kids. If you’ve got multiple kids sharing one sink, you’ve probably had just about enough of who gets to “go first” tonight.

Installing so-called “Jack and Jill” sinks won’t just stop fights. It will also help teach your kids about how to take care of their own space. Plus, it’s a great feature your kids can still use as they get older.

5. Go For A Rubber Ducky Theme

It’s not just Bert and Ernie who love the Rubber Ducky – your kids will, too. As a bonus, it’s a design that works for both girls and boys.

Invest in a plush rubber ducky bathmat, shower curtain, and even a rubber ducky bath set!

Of course, when it’s your kid’s bathroom, we know you want to take it to the next level. Why not get creative with your tiling, and design the outline of a duck into the backsplash of your child’s sink?

Your Kid’s Bathroom Is About To Be The Envy Of Every Second Grader

Thanks to these five kid’s bathroom remodeling tips, you can get a little more creative than just adding yet another Peppa Pig sticker to your toilet seat.

Looking for a few more adult bathroom remodeling ideas? Need some design inspiration? We’re here to help!

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