5 Easy Bathroom Storage Hacks that Make the Most of Your Space

bathroom storage hacksDoes your bathroom resemble a storage room, where your favorite things are squished and crammed into any available space? If so, fear not!

Help is at hand. In this article, we’re sharing some bathroom storage hacks that will turn your bathroom into the calm oasis it has always longed to be.

Eliminate that clutter, disorder, and chaos!

Bathroom Storage Hacks

The bathroom is one of those places in the home that often gets a raw deal. What little space there is tends to become overrun with all kinds of everything – from cosmetic products to nicknacks and everything in between.

But making the most of your bathroom space doesn’t have to be a gigantic task. It really doesn’t have to cost you considerable time, money, and sanity.

With some clever bathroom storage hacks, you can compliment your existing design, with some much-needed functionality. After all, a happy bathroom will lead to more time you can enjoy it.

So, are you ready to turn your bathroom into a calm oasis, where peace and tranquility reign supreme?

Let’s do this!

5 Easy Bathroom Storage Hacks to Make the Most of Your Space

1. Use Your Cabinet Doors for Storage

If we opened a cabinet door in your bathroom, would we find an organized expanse or a painful mess?

It’s Okay! Don’t feel bad!

Most of us give into clutter and have some sort of hidden shambles lurking behind our cabinet doors.

That’s why this is one of the bathroom storage hacks we all need in our lives.

Use your cabinet doors as well as the actual cabinet for storage.

This is as simple as attaching or hanging some storage bins or storage baskets to the door.

2. Attach Magnetic Strips Inside Your Cabinets

Bobby pins causing a mess in your bathroom? What about those tweezers that you stood on this morning? Nail clippers always on the loose?

Put a magnetic strip inside your cabinet and stick those messy objects on it every time you’re done with them.

3. Use Coat Hooks for Your Towels

One of the bulkiest items that can monopolize space in the bathroom is the towel. And, most of us have a range of towels, for face, bath, and body.

The solution? Hang up some classy coat hooks on the wall and let your towels hang elegantly and loose.

If towels are a real problem, consider putting your towel hooks and rails on the back of the bathroom door too.

4. Shelf Above the Door

You know those items you don’t use all the time, but you can’t quite manage to throw them away either?

Put a bookshelf up above the door and store your extra items up there in stylish baskets.

5. Go Up, Not Across

If you run out of space on the counter, or if you simply want to declutter the counter itself, go upwards with your storage options.

Opt for multi-layered, vertical storage in the form of racks, bins, frames, and holders.

It may not change your life, but it sure will keep your toothpaste nice and tidy.

Simple Bathroom Storage Hacks

Ready to give some of these hacks a try?

Your bathroom will thank you for it.

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