How to Set a Bathroom Remodel Budget

millennium totally free dating sitesHaving fun dreaming up ideas for your new bathroom remodeling project, but not sure what you should be prepared to budget for?

As fun as it is to shop around for inspiration for your new dream bathroom, you eventually need to crack down and figure out where the money should go for your bathroom remodel budget.

Have no idea where to start? Don’t worry, the following article discusses exactly how to set a bathroom remodel budget so you’re totally prepared when it’s go time.

1. General Guidelines for your Bathroom Remodel Budget

As a general rule of thumb, you should be spending about 5 to 10 percent of the total value of your home for your bathroom remodel budget.

If your home is worth $300,000, you should plan to spend about $15,000 to $30,000.

Experts at the National Kitchen and Bath Association say you should expect to spread your budget across the following categories:

  • Design fees: 4%
  • Installation: 20%
  • Fixtures: 15%
  • Cabinetry and hardware: 16%
  • Countertops: 7%
  • Lighting and ventilation: 5%
  • Flooring: 9%
  • Doors and windows: 4%
  • Walls and ceilings: 5%
  • Faucets and plumbing: 14%
  • Miscellaneous: 1%

Knowing these numbers should help prevent some sticker shock when your contractor presents you with the bid sheet ( an in-depth run down of the of the remodeling project with fixed price estimates).

2. Sticker Price Doesn’t Equal Actual Price

Searching for the perfect bathroom sink but only looking at price tags?

If so, you’re making a mistake.

Why? Because you can’t forget about the associated costs- aka the costs that come with actually getting that dream sink into your bathroom.

Take marble, for example. You don’t just get to buy the pretty marble counters and call it a day. You also have to fork over money for cutting fees, edging fees, finishing fees, and delivery.

Different materials have different installation costs that can greatly affect your bathroom remodel budget, so be sure to look into these before making any big decisions.

3. Hire a Home Inspector

If you really want to prevent sticker shock, hire a home inspector to take a close look at the areas you plan to renovate.

Being aware of any hazards before the remodeling begins will help you set your bathroom remodel budget much more accurately.

4. Set Boundaries

Realizing how great your new bathroom is going to look can quickly cause you to get swept away in the whole remodeling process

If you’re not careful, you’ll soon find yourself renovating the whole house!

The pros call this “scope creep” and to prevent it, set strict boundaries from the start for exactly where you want the remodel to begin and end.

5. Consider a Little DIY to Save Money

Even if you aren’t a professional handyman, there may be some projects you’ll be comfortable going at solo to save some money. These include:

  • Demolition- Once you get the go-ahead from a construction expert, you should be able to gut the space fairly easily.
  • Tiling- As long as you don’t mind spending some quality time on all fours, tiling can be done with a handheld tile cutter from a home improvement store.
  • Painting- If you have the patient and precise skills required for tiling, then you’ll probably be fine doing your own painting as well. Just remember to test the colors on a small area before coating completely.

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