How to Decorate With Kitchen Plants

kitchen plantsKitchen plants not only add beauty to your kitchen but also increase humidity and purify the air.

So, even if it’s cold or hot out there, you can still have spring-like feel right in your kitchen.

Plants, such as aloe vera, cast iron plant, English Ivy, and white jasmine, are among the ideal options for your kitchen. Plus, they’re easy to care for.

You need to understand how to decorate your kitchen with plants. Read on to learn more.

1. Use Tall Plants in Corners

In your kitchen corners, plants, such as African spear plant and aloe vera can help set the ambiance for the room. When using aloe vera, be sure to remove the spines along the edges.

Consider using sizable planters for these plants to support their weight and roots. Dwarf citrus trees are also great choices for corners. They’re especially ideal if you have a sunny kitchen.

Tall and slim plants add a visual raise to your kitchen ceiling. You can also place them near your kitchen windows.

2. Consider Your Kitchen Windowsill

Here, you can use several pots or single wide planter that fits on your ledge. Ensure your pots and planters have enough drainage with quality soil.

There are various plants you can grow on your windowsills. These include chives, thyme, oregano, lemon balm, chervil, mint, and sage. Your choice of plants may also depend on the level of sun exposure on your ledge.

Some people may also want to grow green onions and garlic or other vegetables.

3. Countertop Kitchen Garden

A low, flat pot is the ideal choice to use in adding kitchen plants to your countertop. Alternatively, you can place cans on a large saucer or tray.

This spot requires plants with short roots. These include options such as parsley, oregano, basil, thyme, and rosemary. You’ll need to place the basil plants in large cans. Then other smaller herbs can go into smaller cans.

For a natural feel, add pebbles to the tray or source.

4. Be Creative with a Hanging Garden

A hanging garden is great if you want to have fresh herbs for cooking right in your kitchen. You can simply make a vertical garden using boards and ropes, and hang it on your wall. Each board will have several holes where you’ll place the pots.

You can use white or brown pots depending on the look you want for your kitchen. Spider plant, Chinese evergreen, and white jasmine are some great plants to add to your kitchen countertop. Or, you can just grow herbs that you love having nearby.

Kitchen Plants – The Bottom Line

If you want to make your kitchen vibrant and natural, decorating it with plants is one of the ways to attain your desired look. You can grow your own herbs that you can use to cook while also sprucing up your kitchen’s look.

Pay attention to the size and arrangement of the kitchen plants when making your gardens. The size of your kitchen also matters, especially when you want to add hanging gardens and wall planters. Ensure your plants and tools match your design and kitchen colors.

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