How to Pick Perfect Kitchen Wall Colors


Researchers have found that 60% of our response to a room is based on color alone! This makes picking the right kitchen wall colors essential. However, there are so many colors and shade variations that people find this task challenging.

Are you struggling to find the right color scheme to improve your kitchen? This guide will help you get started on painting your San Diego home.

Take The Room Into Account

With kitchens, it’s important to take the entire room into account. Your cabinet, countertops, flooring, and appliances should all be considered before deciding on the right kitchen wall colors. It’s essential that the color blends and flows with the whole room.

Painted cabinets will drive the color scheme of your kitchen. There should be a visual contrast between the cabinets and the walls. For example, if you have dark cabinets a lighter paint color on the walls is recommended.

Many kitchens have reflective stainless steel appliances. This can make colors bolder and brighter. This feature makes deep and saturated reds or yellows a great choice for your walls.

Quartz countertops are very popular and can help with choosing the right color. You shouldn’t try to match the counter’s dominant color. Instead, choose a color in the stone that you’d like to highlight and choose it’s opposite on the color wheel to compliment it.

A lot of people are opting for cork floors. That’s because they can create a soothing atmosphere with the right wall colors. Choose a paint that is contemporary and crisp to give off softer and warmer tones.

Take Your Mood Into Account

Colors have a great impact on our psychological state. When choosing the right colors you need to consider if you want the room to be restful, intimate, sociable, formal, or energetic.

To create a restful and quiet atmosphere in your kitchen soft, cool colors and neutrals are recommended. Mixing two or more related medium-light pastel colors can also help to brighten up a kitchen. However, if you’re going for a more dynamic atmosphere you should aim for stronger colors.

Bright, warm colors that contrast helps to make kitchens more sociable. This is great for people who often host meals in their home. For a more formal ambiance, deep blue-greens or neutrals are recommended.

Take Lighting Into Account

Light can dramatically change the presentation of color in your rooms.

Intense outside light could make strong colors too overpowering when used on all the walls. Artificial light can also change how colors appear in your kitchen.

Reflective surfaces can also change the impact a color has in your room. Dark and rough surfaces diminish the amount of light. Pale and smooth surfaces reflect light which could make strong colors too bright.

Light variations make it essential to test colors using samples. You can also use poster boards or apply a color to a single wall to see how it would look.

Choose Your Kitchen Wall Colors

Choosing the right kitchen wall colors can be a challenge due to a variety of elements that you need to take into consideration. The room’s appliances, mood, and lighting all need to be taken into account.

For help with choosing the wall colors that are right for you, contact us.