5 Remodel Ideas for a Luxurious Master Bath

Master bathEveryone deserves a little luxury in their life. There’s nothing worse than a plain old boring home.

Among the best ways to up your home’s luxury is remodeling your bathroom. With all the time we spend in the loo, we ought to at least enjoy it.

The master bath specifically should get extra attention. After all, it is your home. You should reap the fruits of your labors.

To get your home looking prim and proper, we’re bringing you our 5 best master bath remodeling ideas.

Install A Walkthrough Shower

Showers are the new “in” thing with the younger crowds. Millennials just don’t have time to sit down and relax.

It makes sense. Today’s world is faced paced and always go-go-go. However, we don’t like what it’s doing to the humble shower.

We think this whole idea that showers mean speed and efficiency takes away from the luxury that quality showers afford.

Really up your master bath with a walkthrough shower that leads onto a patio or terrace.

These showers have fogged glass facing outward, and clear glass facing your home’s interior. You can casually stroll into the sunshine straight from the rain locker.

Oh, and don’t forget to install several shower heads to get that full water coverage. It’s almost like having a home spa.

Heated Tile Floors

So it doesn’t get that cold around San Diego, but that doesn’t mean your toes don’t get chilly.

Heated tile flooring in the bathroom is an excellent way to add some class while also upping your comfort.

Tile floors look great, are easy to clean, and resist water.

Throw the heating aspect into the mix, and you won’t even mind stepping into the house, as opposed to the outside world via your walkout shower.

Reinvent The Tub

Bathtubs are kind of plain.

Sure, they’re fine for the guest room. But do you really want just fine as the theme of your master bath?

Of course not. That’s why installing a jacuzzi style bathtub makes perfect sense.

These tubs come in all different shapes and sizes, and the customization options are virtually endless.

We suggest something with powerful jets to massage your back after a long day. It’s also nice to install your tub under a window.

The natural lighting makes for relaxing baths, and the fresh ocean breeze is never a bad thing.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy with enough room for two!

Prime Seating In Your Master Bath

Something we’ve never figured out is why bathrooms don’t have more seating space. Seriously, don’t your legs get tired?

Think about installing window seats around the edges of your master bath. Not only are these great nooks for tooth brushing, but reading as well.

Imagine all the times you could spend sitting in your bathroom. You can sit while brushing your teeth, putting on makeup, drawing a bath, etc.

Once you install some bathroom seating, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Full Length Mirrors

Mirrors are ubiquitous in bathrooms, though only from the shoulders up. Does the rest of our body not count!?

Consider installing full length mirrors on several walls around your bathroom. An especially useful spot is across from your new window seat.

Two full length mirrors on opposite walls also works well. This way, you can see your front and back at the same time.

If you’re looking to bring luxury to your master bath, these are the ideas for you.

Anyone serious about getting started can contact us for more information, and of course more ideas!