The Ultimate Guide to Budgeting Your Bathroom Renovation Cost

Deciding to commit to a renovation is an awesome step! But part of the planning process means you’ll have to figure out the bathroom renovation cost you should expect.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you budget your bathroom renovation so that you can really go for your dream bathroom!

Budgeting your bathroom renovation cost the right way

The first step with any home remodel is setting a budget for the job.

bathroom renovation costUnfortunately, that’s not something we’ve all learned to master yet.

That’s why you should keep these budgeting tricks in mind to cover your bathroom renovation cost without stressing about it.

Set yourself into a price range

Before you do anything else, you’ll want to figure out what price range you want to stay in with your remodel.  The average person spends about 9 thousand dollars on their bathroom renovations.

How much do you realistically see yourself spending? Knowing this can help inform the rest of your decisions.

Map out your ideal bathroom

What do you envision when you think about your bathroom renovation?

In order to figure out your bathroom renovation cost, you’ll want to have a list of the items you want to replace, refinish, or add to your bathroom.

As the process continues, you can tweak this list to encompass your goals while sticking within your price range.

Price your must-haves

So you have your list ready and know exactly what you want your renovated bathroom to have and what it should look like.

Now comes the hard part: pricing everything.

This means figuring out how much that each item will really cost you.

Then you’ll have to figure out if you will be doing the work yourself or if you will have to have professionals come in to make the process easier for you. If you decide you’ll need help, you’ll also have to factor in that cost too.

Decide if you can refinish items or if you have to replace them

Once you’ve gotten all the costs and items lined up, take a second look at what you have planned.

Do you need to get brand new cabinets just so they can be white or that beautiful dark wood you want? Or can you put in some elbow grease, refinish them, and save hundreds?

These kinds of choices can bump other items back into your list if they were cut to save costs.

Find costs in your home budget that you can cut

One you’ve budgeted your bathroom renovation cost, take a look at your overall home budget.

This is the point where you’ll want to ask yourself if you need your huge cable plan for the next few months or if you can swap it for a cheaper monthly online movie subscription.

Cut down on what you can and then set up an automatic transfer to a new account in your bank until you reach your estimated renovation cost.

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