Why a Kitchen Remodel Should Be Your Priority

kitchen remodel

Your kitchen is more like the living room in your house than your actual living room, but you hate it. We get it. Not every house has a kitchen you’re proud to hang out in.

That’s why you need to spend some money on a kitchen remodel. You’ll get money back on your investment and even save the earth, little by little.

Get the details below.

Reduces Energy and Improves Sustainability

If you’re thinking about redoing your kitchen, it probably wasn’t recent when you moved in. Even if the appliances are only from ten years ago, we’ve made big strides in technology since then.

Newer kitchen appliances are more efficient about how they use electricity and they use less than older models.

For example, a dishwasher from 2013 would take longer (and use more electricity longer) than an updated one.

You’re probably considering the cost of a kitchen remodel. You can spend any amount refreshing your kitchen from $500 to $20,000.

Whatever your budget, you want to know the ROI, right?

When you use less electricity and things are more efficient, your power bills go down.

This also reduces your carbon footprint and uses fewer resources from the earth.

Improves Function

You’re in your kitchen a lot. Not only cooking but doing homework at the counter, talking to friends, leaning on the counters, etc.

You need it to be a space that works for you. Is there room for your kids? Can you see them playing with a simple back glance when you’re at the sink?

Those are relevant reasons to do a kitchen remodel. You spent money on this house, you live in it, and you deserve to have the ease of life you need.

It also improves the way you cook, even if you’re not master chef level. What kind of counter-space do you currently have access to?

Being able to prep different parts of a meal at one time cuts down on cook time significantly.

It Sells Better

Yes, updated kitchens are a selling point to potential buyers. Like you, they have reservations about redoing a kitchen.

You having done it for them is a load off their back. People pay for convenience more than they pay the best of this or the best of that.

The official numbers (and it depends on your home’s value) are around seventy percent ROI on what you spent.

So if you spent $10,000 redoing your kitchen, you could get $7,000 more on your asking price. Does that three thousand dollar kitchen seem more worth it now?

Even doing small replacements, like a new oven and microwave but not a new fridge has selling potential. Those appliances are costly and showing that you’ve put in the effort for the next owners keeps your house on the top choices list.

Your Kitchen Remodel

If you’ve decided that you need a kitchen remodel, great! Your next step is to get some inspiration.

What needs to change? Make a list and then make a budget.

Need some inspiration sources? We’ve got tons on our design site. Check it out here.