Want to Recoup Over 80% of your Remodeling Investment?

Based on the latest statistics your money spent on a major kitchen, or bathroom remodel will be less likely to be recouped than should you spend that same amount of cash on basic maintenance like new siding. New siding recouped almost 93 percent of its cost. The other home improvement likely to return more will be a minor kitchen remodel about $15,000, which returned almost 93 percent. Roof and window replacements will return 80 percent or more.

New home buyers do not like to think that their new gem will require a few minor repairs, but simple maintenacne items can eat through your remodeling budget very quickly

A nice bathroom and kitchen are still extremely important and can be a great investment you can make to your house. These are the two big rooms that buyers are searching for.

If you’re thinking about investing money into home improvements this year, keep a few things in mind. How well will your investment pay you back, and what is the most crucial place to invest. Of course if you live in a neighborhood of $200,000 homes you don’t want to remodel and spend $50,000 on your kitchen, it will be hard to sell your house in excess of $200,000.

In a good market, bathroom or a kitchen remodel is a very good investment, often times returning more than your original investment. Baths and kitchens are also areas where you can see where your money is going, unlike new wiring or new insulation. Kitchen and bath remodels are also the most expensive parts of your house to remodel. However this is where most families spend the majority of their time in their new homes.

Maintenance items are more important for resale, if the roof is curling and the siding is bad you may not even be able to sell the house. Even with a newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom a potential buyer will overlook those items knowing they have to replace the roof or siding. Every homeowner’s first priority will be to keep the existing structure sound. It is always better to take care of the maintenance items then to spend thousands to redo your kitchen or bath room.

Take a buyers point of view to start with when it comes to investing money into your home.
Does the outside structure of the house seem good? How does the roof and siding look?
It is always better have a new roof and a dated kitchen or bath, then to have a new kitchen and a bad roof. Most homebuyers have a price range they can afford to purchase a new home in. When they know they don’t have to spend money on basic maintenance items, they are twice as likely to purchase the home and remodel the kitchen or bathrooms themselves. More than 75% of new home buyers knew what area of their home they were going to remodel first before they acutally closed on the home!