How to Pull off an Epic Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

bathroom remodel on a budgetNo matter the number on your paycheck, we all deserve to live in a home we can feel proud of and that speaks to our personal style!

Here, we’re sharing our best tips on how to pull off a killer bathroom remodel on a budget.

Score Some Cool Light Fixtures

Tough news: the average bathroom remodeling job costs homeowners close to $10,000.

But you don’t have to spend that much to give yours a facelift.

One way to trick people into thinking you sunk a hefty sum into your remodel? By scouring local flea markets or websites for some seriously funky light fixtures. Replace the fixture that came with your place with a bright chandelier, or adorn your vanity table with an art deco-style lamp.

Bonus tip: If you can’t afford to buy an entirely new lamp, even just switching out the shade will work.

Another surprising way to pull off a bathroom remodel on a budget? When it comes to lighting fixtures, switching out the color of your bulb will also lend an upscale vibe. Say goodbye to that harsh fluorescent and hello to soft blue lightbulbs or even light red for a sexier vibe.

Update Your Shower Curtain For A Fast Bathroom Remodel On A Budget

An easy facelift? Get rid of your ancient, mildewed shower curtain and liner.

For an ultra-sleek look, you may even want to go for a cloth option. If you can’t afford to fully tile or wallpaper your bathroom, your shower curtain is a great option for a bathroom remodel on a budget because it allows you to get a little fun with patterns!

Think: if I could choose a wallpaper for my bathroom, what would it be? Then, apply that choice to your shower curtain!

Recaulk and Replaster

You’d be surprised what fixing those pesky flecks of paint, plaster, and cracks in the wall can do to upgrade the look of your bathroom.

The average caulking job should last for five years, but if yours isn’t quite up to snuff, don’t be intimidated by taking on the project.

It’s super-simple and crazy satisfying, and you watch the mounds of dirt disappear before your eyes.

Switch Out Doorknobs and Cabinet Handles

Doing a bathroom remodel on a budget is a lot like upgrading an outfit for a night out: you don’t throw away the clothes you start with, you just add on a few cool pieces to take it to the next level!

If you love your vanity and bathroom drawers but want to make a change, consider switching out the pull handles for a shinier option that matches your new color scheme and theme.

Same goes for your door handles, as well as for your faucet handles!

You’re All Set!

We’d love to see how you incorporated our ideas for a bathroom remodel on a budget into your own homes.

Send us some photos, tag us on social media, or drop by for a visit! As always, keep checking back with our blog for more awesome home renovation ideas.