How to Get a Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

At long last, you’ve just bought a new home.

The excitement in the air is real.

You can now sit and relax; it’s a huge relief.

But wait. Something does not feel right, and the culprit is the kitchen.

At its current state, its never going to work for you. A remodel, or a simple makeover could help scale the design up a makeover on a budget

Since you are low on funds, a complete kitchen remodel is not a choice, and so a simple kitchen makeover on a budget is your best bid.

Well, it’s possible to give your kitchen a makeover with an under $,5000 budget.

Let’s see how you can work that magic.

1. Paint the walls

Painting is one of those tasks that offers an instant change. Still, it depends on what color you choose, and some spicy, warm colors that offer an appetizing feel include orange, red, yellow.

For a fresh and calm atmosphere, cooler colors such as violet, blue and green are great. Cooler colors can be paired with warm woods for a nice scheme.

If you are planning to add decor, neutral colors, such as gray and beige, offer a great backdrop for that.

The cost can range between $80 to $140.

2. Add essential hardware

Changing the pulls, handles, and knobs is another great way to boost the overall appearance of the kitchen. For example, if you have dark cabinets, bar-style pulls can complement them.

When choosing hardware, consider the materials with options such as custom glass backsplashes, stainless steel, and granite ideal for adding a modern feel to the kitchen.

Brushed nickel hardware will go well with gray counters and cabinets while simple round knobs are also ideal for countertops.

This is an affordable kitchen project and can fall between $130 and $250 depending on the number and type of hardware.

3. Puck and rope lights

Lights are a simple idea for a kitchen makeover on a budget.

Give the kitchen a warm and inviting ambiance with puck lights underneath your top cabinets. This helps to brighten up dark corners and illuminates your workspace.

Rope lights are great for adding light to the kickplate. You can install the lights around your cabinetry to create a mood for family dinners or parties. They also work well as nightlights to ensure safe navigation for kids.

You will need about $50 to $150 for this project.

4. Change the sink and faucet

If you have engineered stone or granite countertops, stainless steel sinks are the best match to complement the look. Additionally, stainless steel options can withstand the normal kitchen grind.

Some sinks come with sound absorption technology if you don’t like noisy sinks.

Composite sinks are also another option offering variety color types but are not durable as steel.

For your faucet, opt for one with a ceramic disk valve and bass base as they are long-lasting. If you want style, pick one with two handles.

The price will range from $150 to $500.

5. Your cabinetry and countertops

If the cabinetry is still in good shape and you love their style, you can simply paint them. Use washable finish when painting the cabinets.

Still, you can change them to more stylish and spacious options if you want.

Countertops come in a variety of materials, including quartz, granite, laminate and solid surface, to complement your style.

For beauty, granite and quartz are the preferred options. Solid options are available in varied colors and can resist water and stains. Laminate is made up of plywood, and their surfaces are easy to clean.

Alternatively, you can combine two or more of your preferred materials.

Here, the cost will range between $1,500 and $3,000.

So get your plan ready

These simple tips can help you complete your kitchen makeover on a budget. Keep in mind the size of your kitchen and the different things that you need changing.

Ensure to give priority to those areas that you really need to have an entirely fresh look.

Your wallet won’t suffer when you plan the new kitchen design well.