The Coolest Kitchen Trends to Watch Out for This Year

kitchen trends

Looking for ways to spice up – no pun intended – your kitchen?

In this post, we’re unpacking the top 5 kitchen design trends of 2017.

1. Get Into Heavy Metal

Mixed metals aren’t just for jewelry. Now, they’re one of the most popular kitchen trends of 2017. We especially love the idea of filling the blank space above your stove with a copper hood.

It doesn’t just help you to jump on the industrial design trend that have been lining the pages of industry magazines lately. It will also help to keep your cooking process contained!

Now that’s form and function.

2. Quartz Countertops

If you’re anything like us, you’re obsessed with all things countertop. While in the past few years, laminates have dominated kitchen trends, the new, affordable quartz has only risen in popularity.

This is because new, composite surfaces make quartz a much more budget-friendly option these days. Why not try quartz countertops in your bathroom, too?

3. Think British

With shows and sitcoms from England getting more and more popular, is it any wonder that British kitchen design has also caught on across the globe?

Instagram accounts like deVOL Kitchens post dozens of drool-worthy photographs of British kitchen design each week.

Think cabinets that hide your microwaves and toasters, and spot decorations that create beautiful patterns on your cupboards. This account and design trend will also inspire you to switch out the knobs on your cabinets to a more minimalist, prim and proper option.

Kate Middleton would be proud.

4. Cabinets Without Handles

If you’re into minimalism, you’ve likely already given this design a thought. Since today’s design is all about clean lines and getting rid of anything you can to make your kitchen look less cluttered, why not cut out handles?

You’ll be able to easily swing open your cabinet from the bottom. To add a great finishing touch that will really make these cabinets pop, add a layer of gloss.

5. The Dark/Light Contrast

The last option on our list of 2017’s best kitchen trends is probably our favorite. If you’ve gone for a lighter cabinet color, like a porcelain or even a robin’s egg blue, don’t go for a light stain on your hardwood floors or your tiles.

Instead, play up the contrast by picking a darker shade. It doesn’t just keep your kitchen from looking too monochrome It’s also a great way to jump on the “Hygge” trend. “Hygge” is the Danish concept of comfort and coziness.

Don’t we all need a little of that in our kitchens?

Ready To Make The Most Out Of These Kitchen Trends?

Thanks to this list of the top 5 kitchen trends you can’t miss out on in 2017, you’re probably ready to start your remodeling process now.

For more design ideas, DIY advice, and a look into our unique design process, feel free to spend some time on our blog or contact us.

We can’t wait to help make your remodeling dreams come true, in any room of your house. Let’s get started on finishing your dream home.