These 2017 Bathroom Remodeling Trends are Gorgeous

bathroom remodeling trendsThe bathroom and the kitchen are the first places people look to for a remodel, and for good reason. You spend a lot of time in both places, and you want to enjoy that time.

It’s one reason the bathroom has increasingly become the main place people choose to remodel, and bathroom remodeling trends this year are looking hot.

Why not turn your bathroom into a personal spa?

1. Bathroom Remodeling Trends: Technologically Wonderful Showers

If you are married or live with your partner, the shower is the place to be. If you have the space, expanding your shower might be the thing that will liven your relationship.

Integrating technology into your shower is the new wave in bathroom remodeling trends, and the Nebia Water System is at the top. It atomizes the water coming out of the faucet. You feel cleaner than ever after your shower, and you will know you haven’t wasted a drop.

2. Two Shower Heads

Have you ever gotten into the shower with someone and then fought to find space under the spray? Why would you put yourself through that kind of struggle when you could have two shower heads?

What’s great about today’s selection of shower heads is that you can add trendy adjustable holders, and, if one of you is much taller than the other, each shower head can be at the perfect height.

3. And A Bench

More than 200,000 people are injured from slip-fall accidents in the bathroom each year, and this isn’t the only reason a stone bench in your shower is a popular bathroom remodeling trend. Imagine sitting down and enjoying a hot shower as long as you want.

You could build in frosted glass walls and feel like you have all the space in the world. Go ahead and stretch out in your shower.

4. Turn Your Bathroom Into A Mini Spa

There’s nothing that says “luxurious relaxation” like having a spa in your bathroom, and no wonder this is among the popular bathroom remodeling trends. You’re getting a beautiful private space in your home where nobody can bother you.

Add some perfectly placed natural light, line your bathroom in granite or marble, and a space age looking tub. Hard lines are popular right now along with rounded fixtures like toilets, sinks, and tubs.

One of the other spa-like bathroom remodeling trends is chromatherapy. This is an atmosphere-enhancing feature designed to help you relax. Colored lights are placed strategically around the tub and around your bathroom creating an otherworldly vibe.

You deserve it.

5. Not to Mention, Classic White

Another popular bathroom remodeling trend is the return to an early 20th-century look, with clean lines, simple white tubs and classic white tiles.

If you have an older house, you might even have an old radiator lying around to really pull off that vintage look.

You deserve to pamper yourself, and you won’t regret remodeling your bathroom.

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