7 Kitchen Cabinet Handles to Use in Your Kitchen Design

Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Though they are small, kitchen cabinet handles can enhance your kitchen in a big way. You just need to know which ones will fit your design plans.

A Remodeling Magazine report states that small kitchen projects increase the value of the home by about 83%.

When choosing handles, you look at several factors:

  • Cost of handles
  • Handle sizes, shapes, and finishes
  • Cabinet style
  • Quality and functionality of handles
  • Overall kitchen design

Getting ideas for redesigning the kitchen takes a lot of effort. Some helpful remodeling apps can inspire you. Or, you can get information from articles like this one.

Read on to get examples of great kitchen cabinet handles.

Kitchen Cabinet Handles to Choose From

Both the big and small components affect the look of the kitchen. They don’t need to be fancy or expensive, just complementary.

Here are some kitchen cabinet handles to choose from:

1. Round Crystal Knob Handle

People believe crystals emit healing energy in a home. Their dazzling features also complement traditional kitchens. Like chandeliers, they bring a sophisticated look to your interior.

2. Bar-Style Pull Handle with Monogram Finish

Getting your initials branded on items is one example of a status symbol. You can get a sleek bar-style pull handle with your initials engraved. This complements a modern minimalist kitchen.

3. Antique Brass Knob Handle

Despite its simple features, an antique brass knob handle will improve a contemporary kitchen. For example, it creates a vintage feel when you install it on white cabinets. You can specify the mold of the handle to get a specific design.

4. Brass or Chrome-Plated Cup/Cut In Handle

Cup or Cut In handles are comfortable and functional. The brass handles complement a kitchen with vintage designs. The chrome-plated handles suit a modern kitchen.

5. Wooden Knob Handle for Intricate Wooden Cabinets

Those who love antique designs and shapes on the cabinets don’t want to distract from the look. That’s why a simple wooden knob handle will do the trick. The shade of color can be similar or have a slight difference.

6. Flat Stainless Steel Handle

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel handles go well with light brown or cream-colored cabinets. They blend in with the simple cabinets without drawing too much attention. They are ideal for a modern kitchen with a simple and clean design.

7. Leather Pull Bar Handle for Shaker Cabinet

With the current trend of white cabinets, no one would expect a pairing with leather handles. Get light orange handles fixed with stainless steel screws. It will have a huge impact on the kitchen design.

Get Kitchen Design Inspiration

The ideas above are simple yet impactful. Some kitchen cabinet handles will blend in while others will complement your kitchen design. The secret is to focus on adding small components that fit in the big kitchen.

Without enough help, home improvement projects can become laborious. Working with experts will change that. They will discuss details of their successful projects and inspire you to improve your kitchen.

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