6 Bathroom Remodel Upgrades to Enhance Your Shower Experience

Are you ready to take “the plunge” and do a little bathroom remodeling? Great! New View is here to support you. We have taken the time to compile a list of our 6 favorite ideas for your upcoming bathroom remodel.

1. Incorporate shower storage
There is nothing more convenient than having storage built into your shower. Gone are the days of corners crowded by shampoo bottles! With a little extra space hollowed out into the wall, your shower will take on a new clutter-free feeling. Spice things up with a niche lined with dazzling glass tiles!

Built-in shower storage - Bathroom remodel by New View

Built-in shower storage – Bathroom remodel by New View

2. Add some glow with a skylight

Are you looking for a way to add some brightness into your bathing routine? Consider installing a skylight that opens into your bathroom. Nothing will make your morning routine more refreshing than the addition of flowing water and natural light. No way to make a skylight happen? Illuminate things up with a few delicately placed recessed lights.

Quartz by ACO flag style LED drain - http://www.quartzbyaco.com/gallery

Quartz by ACO flag style LED drain – http://www.quartzbyaco.com/gallery

3. Modernize your bathroom with LED lights
Always loved the futuristic feel of invisible under lighting? Emulate this ultramodern trend by adding some LED lighting in the bottom of your shower. Or, incorporate an LED rainfall shower head for some colorful fun.

4. “His and Hers” dual shower heads
Sharing a shower can be inconvenient, but this upgrade ensures that you will never have to take turns playing the “swap game” where someone is inevitably left soaking wet in the cold part of the shower. This solution can be great when you are in a hurry or when your partner prefers a different water temperature than you do.

Glass enclosed shower by New View

Glass enclosed shower by New View

5. Ditch the dirty curtain
Get ready to part ways with your unsightly, old shower curtain and give your whole bathroom a glittering makeover with the addition of an elegant glass enclosure. Sure, you may need to expend a few extra calories in elbow grease to keep it sparkling, but when you see how chic your new bathroom looks, it will all be worth it!

6. Go Green
Replacing all of your old fixtures with green, planet-friendly equipment will save you some money on your water bill and help to cut down on unfavorable water wasting bathroom habits. When shopping for your new bathroom appliances, be environmentally conscious and choose low-flow toilets and shower heads, motion-sensing faucets, and energy efficient ventilation fans to create the most eco-friendly space. Other ways to make your new bathroom more eco-friendly


We hope that you found this list useful when reviewing which bathroom upgrade options to consider. Remember that when creating the bathroom of your dreams, New View is here to help you through every step, every time. If you have decided to make a change in your home, don’t hesitate to call us or make an appointment to stop by our showroom. Whatever your remodeling plans may be, we would love to work with you!