5 Narrow Kitchen Ideas to Maximize Space


Do you have a kitchen the size of a postage stamp? Is your long galley kitchen hideous and impractical no matter how you rearrange it?

Perhaps it’s time for a remodel.

Use these five narrow kitchen ideas to transform your kitchen into a functional, livable space.

1: Use Bright Colors

Do you want your tiny kitchen to look big, bold and inviting?

Opt for bright colors. Lighter hues are more inviting than cool, darker ones. Also, the brighter your kitchen, the more open and spacious it will look.

Here are some creative narrow kitchen ideas to brighten your kitchen:

  • Make room for a skylight.
  • Add a window on opposite sides of the kitchen.
  • Use glossy countertops.

The skylight brings natural light in from above, while the windows let the sunlight beam through the kitchen. This creates natural brightness. To complete the transformation, choose bright colors for your walls and cabinets. Check out these bright designs for inspiration.

2. Use Compact Appliances

Just because your kitchen is small doesn’t mean you should sacrifice floor space for food storage. A standard-size fridge looks out of place in a galley kitchen anyway.

Consider a compact fridge and freezer. This is perhaps one of our most straight-forward narrow kitchen ideas, but it’s also the most practical.

If you’re building a custom kitchen, go with a futuristic solution like this stackable fridge. Technology may even allow for a stackable fridge/freezer combo.

For a traditional, compact solution, choose a side-by-side apartment-style fridge/freezer. These appliances aren’t as tall as standard refrigerators, but they’re still roomy.

A cheaper alternative is to purchase a stand-alone mini fridge and mini freezer.

Arrange them side by side beneath a countertop, and suddenly you have ample floor space! You also have plenty of room to store your groceries.

3. Get Rid Of The Dining Table

What’s the clunkiest piece of furniture in your small kitchen?

It’s the traditional dining table. A stand-alone table isn’t functional in a narrow kitchen. Place it in the center of the room, and all your floor space disappears.

Put it along one wall, and you sacrifice one side of the table where your guests could otherwise sit.

Maximize your space by merging the counter with the tabletop. swap both out in favor of an island. Here’s what you can do with an island in a small kitchen:

  • Use it as a food prep area or space to eat.
  • Ditch regular chairs for bar stools that fit under the island.
  • Expand storage space with built-in cabinets under the island.

4. Use Hooks And Cabinets

Are you frustrated with how few cabinets fit into your galley kitchen?

Install hooks for your pots and pans. As long as you keep a clean, dust-free kitchen, there’s no reason why your cooking utensils can’t be exposed.

Also, this suggests that good food is regularly made in your kitchen.

5. Add Counters Around The Perimeter

If you can’t sacrifice the traditional dining table but you’re dying for more counter space, simply put counters around the perimeter of your kitchen.

Opt for narrow surfaces, so that floor space is still available. Small everyday appliances can live at the counter’s corners, leaving ample space for food prep.

It’s time to bring your tiny kitchen to its full potential. Do you need help coming up with more narrow kitchen ideas?
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