5 Must Have Kitchen Upgrades for Your Home

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You’ve put it off long enough: with holidays well behind us and summer looming, it’s finally time to start planning that kitchen remodeling project.

Maybe you don’t love the kitchen layout that your house builder installed a few years ago, or perhaps your home is an older one and simply needs a fresh look.

Whatever the case, there are several hot updates that you can’t overlook when you do begin planning those Pinterest-worthy kitchen upgrades.

1. Incorporate creative lighting into your kitchen upgrades

One of the quickest ways to upgrade any room, new lighting fixtures can improve the vibe of a kitchen instantly.

Go vintage with a faux-crystal chandelier, or fun and futuristic with LED recessed can lights.

Under-cabinet lighting is intimate and can be used for better visibility while meal-prepping.

And who says lighting should only be white? Swap in colored bulbs for a pop of fun in your kitchen upgrade.

2. Install new countertops

The options go so far beyond granite: think concrete (reminiscent of your favorite craft brewhouse) or butcher block (stylish and functional!)

Stainless steel or other metallic surfaces are an option, too, for your kitchen upgrades: easy cleaning and non-porous. Perfect for your little aspiring chefs in the house.

3. Get colorful with a decorative backsplash

Black or white subway tile is hot right now, but everyone still loves the classics like glass mosaic or multi-colored stone. Copper would be an eye-catcher, too.

Want to make that kitchen remodel really special?

Create custom tiles with your kids – think hand prints, initials, etc, and incorporate those tiles into the new look.

We promise: doing dishes won’t be so bad when your eyes fall on those little fingerprints above the sink.

4. Upgraded cabinets = instant kitchen upgrade

Cabinets are one of the first things your guests will see when you invite them over for that dinner party. Don’t disappoint!

To give your existing cabinets a fresh look, a simple paint job can do the trick.

You can also install brand new cabinets as part of your kitchen remodel, opting for the dark espresso look loved in so many newer homes, or glass-fronted cabinet doors. Might as well show off those fancy blue dishes from Crate & Barrel, right?

For the farmhouse look, consider removing a set of cabinets and replacing with rustic, re-purposed wood shelves. Your white porcelain dishes will complete the look: clean, functional, and cozy.

And don’t forget to swap out that burnished hardware for something clean and new. Cabinet pulls, door knobs, etc. should all tie into your new look.

5. Incorporate an island or breakfast nook into your kitchen remodel

While a new kitchen layout may require a bit more thought and planning than a few surface upgrades, the return on investment can be so worth it.

Does your kitchen have adequate space to knock out a wall and create a more open layout? Maybe a built-in breakfast nook would be a better use of space.

Are you constantly running out of room to chop those veggies?

If so, a built-in island or butcher block may be just the thing you need.

There’s never been a better time to plan out that re-do.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Let us help you with your future kitchen upgrades. Don’t delay another day!