4 Kitchen Tips For the Ultimate Resale Value

bengali online datingWhat if making a few changes to the kitchen could help you sell your home?

Everyone who sells their home wants to make a profit. And making a profit is about making the kind of changes that enhance your home’s resale value.

The kitchen is one of the biggest factors when people buy a new home. Keep reading to discover four kitchen tips to improve your resale value!

1. Kitchen Tips to Avoid

Before you know what to add, you should know what to not add. There are certain changes to the kitchen that will harm your chances of a sale. And some of these changes even harm the resale value!

If you have a kitchen island, be careful where you place it. Anything that gets between the sink and the refrigerator is a turn-off for buyers.

Avoid ceramic flooring. It’s tempting because it’s durable and good-looking. However, it hurts your feet after standing on it a while, and buyers know this.

Finally, don’t go cheap on the cabinets. Spend good money investing in cabinets that are durable, beautiful, and tall. Trying to save money with cheap cabinets means you lose money on selling your home!

2. Open Some Space

If you have the money and you have the vision, opening up your kitchen space can do wonders for your resale value. You do this by knocking down the walls keeping your kitchen separate.

This makes your home look even bigger. And it provides the kind of open floor space that buyers are really craving!

3. Taking It for Granite

There are certain kitchen features that only appeal to certain kinds of buyers. However, the one thing that appeals to every buyer is granite countertops.

Such countertops add elegance and class to any kitchen. They are practically expected in luxury homes, and they can add the appearance of luxury to any kitchen.

Granite is also a pretty competitive material in the home furnishings market. That means that you can afford to check around and find the best-looking countertop that is still in your kitchen price range.

You still have options if actual granite is out of your price range. Pulverized quartz is cheaper than granite but offers patterns that look almost exactly like granite.

4. Natural Color Schemes

Adding a new paint scheme to the kitchen is a major part of many renovations. However, you should stick to natural colors for any repainting that you do.

Bright and unnatural colors can make the room look “loud” and chaotic. This is very likely to drive prospective buyers away.

Try to use natural colors, but avoid making everything white. This makes the kitchen look inviting without looking generic.

The Bottom Line

To improve the value of your home, you need to improve your kitchen. However, chances are that you don’t know where to start when it comes to kitchen tips!

You don’t have to renovate on your own. At New View, we can take any room in your house and add elegance, class, and value.

To discover how we can transform your kitchen, contact us for your free consultation today!