5 Delicious Ideas for Kitchen Wall Decor

kitchen wall decorIf your kitchen is looking a little drab lately, you’re not alone.

From islands to kitchen tiles, many elements of a kitchen begin to lose their freshness after a few years.

However, upgrading your kitchen often just takes small tweaks. The ultimate small tweak?

Kitchen wall decor. By focusing on wall decor, you don’t have to tear your kitchen apart to upgrade its look.

But how can you take your decor up a notch? Read on to figure out how to transform your kitchen using wall decor.

1. Open Shelving

Open shelving is a great way to make your kitchen walls stand out on a budget. All you need is some shelves to attach to your walls.

You can also add some visually appealing kitchenware.

The idea here is that you’ll use your own belongings as decor. You install the shelves, and organize your dishes in a dazzling way. Ideally, you’ll have bright, colorful kitchenware to show off to your visitors.

If you don’t, it’s never too late to go out and buy more.

2. Gallery Wall

Having an art gallery in your kitchen might sound strange to some people. That said, some of those people might also be surprised to find out how amazing a kitchen gallery can look.

Some people, for example, go with pictures showing the landscapes around their home. Sometimes, their homes are actually in the pictures. This makes it look like they’re old enough to have a rich history.

3. Decals and Chalkboards

If you want a way to make your walls pop, decals and chalkboards are what you’re looking for. You need only buy them and attach them to the wall.

One of the best things about chalkboards is that they allow you to have some flexibility about how your wall is decorated.

Want to write a simple message to welcome visitors to your home? Go for it. How about a memo? Yep.

4. Focal Points

You can go big, or you can go home. Sometimes, however, you can go both.

How so?

By creating a huge focal point in your home’s kitchen.

Think large, eye-catching wall paintings that force visitors to glance at your wall.

That image only amounts to a single change. However, that change is significant enough to catch everyone’s attention.

5. A Pop of Color

Maybe you don’t need decals or wall painting.

Perhaps you just need a pop of color. This works especially well if you have a monochromatic kitchen.

A primarily white kitchen, for instance, could benefit from the addition of a vibrant color. You could swap out your stools and appliances and replace them all with new, festive items.

Put Some Thought Into Your Kitchen Wall Decor

As you can see, settling on the perfect kitchen wall decor for your home just takes a little thought.

By making the small changes, you can drastically alter your kitchen’s look and feel.

If small changes aren’t what you’re looking for, however, feel to free to contact us. You can call 619-399-2057 to get your free consultation today.